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Oklahoma City is 1608 square kilometers huge and metrics show that it has over 1.5 million homes with an average of 500 electrical appliances in one home alone. This means there are over 75 million electrical repairs in Oklahoma City, OK Having these many electrical appliances also makes the demand for electricians increase as every appliance needs regular maintenance for it to work efficiently and not cause any trouble to its customers/clients. We don’t realize it, but we’re surrounded by electrical appliances, from microwaves that heat our food instantly to Air conditioners that keep us cool throughout our day for us to have a comfortable life. For every appliance there is an individual need for repair, for Air conditioners, it can either be refilling gas or for microwaves its faulty wire, for every need we need an electrician.

How appliances benefit us as consumers:

As mentioned above, in Oklahoma alone there are over 1.5 million homes that have over 75 million appliances that need regular repair and maintenance. We are surrounded by plug points all around us. For most people, having a plug point where they can charge their mobile device is a divine gift. We knowingly and unknowingly use so many electric devices during the day, from using a trimmer to keep your beard in shape to have that fresh look in the office or for a late night party to impress that girl you’ve always wanted to talk to, to turning on the night lamp for the exam that you have next day early in the morning, we use it day in and day out.

How consumers can prevent from appliances dying out:

Let’s be honest, even the most caring people eventually need to change/replace or repair an appliance as every appliance has a life cycle. Most people use an appliance carelessly which significantly drops its life timeline, but if you maintain it, by using it only when required, cutting the electric supply once you’re done using it, and getting it checked by a certified electrician at regular intervals (in most cases 6 months) your appliance will have a much healthier life cycle than most of your neighbors.

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