Organizational Behaviours in Human Design Development

Organizational Psychology is a subject which applies the principles of Psychology into one of the most crucial areas of people’s life – work. Specifically, we work together with the individual aspects of the office and aim at enhancing people’s efficiency, and hence organizational effectiveness, through our understanding about human operation. There exist a group of professionals who share a similar aim and are working closely with us, the human resource professionals. Regardless of the close relationship with HR professionals, Organizational Psychologists are identifying professionals. Unfortunately, there’s always some confusion among the general public that people just cannot tell who is who.

More to the point, even some HR professionals do not understand what we are doing and what can we provide them. Now let us consider the topic of waste. To squander resources is not considered intelligent. To design an ineffective whatever when there are far more efficient alternatives available and visit this site for further information. It is not very smart or effective to design and construct a car with square wheels. That is a waste of funds. However, God tends to waste plenty of resources.

Human Design Development

By way of instance, since we are the apex of God’s creations, ask if we really need any more funds and property that is included with the solar system. The rest of the huge cosmos is a waste of space and stuff. Who needs it? We do not. When the Sun runs low on fuel in four or five billion years time, well surely we could rely on God to change the batteries, and so life continues. Down to earth, we notice that God created life. Okay, over the Program Of its life, a tree could produce countless seeds, of which maybe one or two may survive and flourish and make it into tree-hood. All of the rest are wasted effort on the part of the parent tree.

Of course you could argue that the seeds that were unlucky ended up as a food source supply for a variety of animals and thus were not really wasted whatsoever. And while there is something to be said for this, what about these billions of male sperm cells and heaps of female egg cells that never get their act together and thus never get in the act. That too is an extravagant waste of time and energy and other physiological resources that went into that wasted generation. God could have designed a method whereby one sperm was produced and one egg was created and both could combine and live happy ever after.

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Author: Baker